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Westhawk's Java SNMP stack

Distribution snmp6_1.zip (2.1 M) and stubBrowser6_1.zip (54 K), see also the Readme6_1, Usage and FAQ. Intermediate updates are available via cvs from SourceForge.

Our lightweight SNMP stack in Java, with Java application and servlet examples. The stack provides manager functionality for SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 (both authentication (MD5, SHA1) and privacy (DES, AES)). It is capable of sending and receiving PDUs, but has limited agent functionality. The stack supports IPv6.

Sending Receiving
Get Request
Yes Yes
GetNext Request
Yes Yes
Set Request
Yes Yes
GetBulk Request
Yes Yes
Inform Request
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Trap v1
Yes Yes
Trap v2
Yes Yes
No No

The source code and documentation is included in the distribution. The stack is free and commercial support is available. Donations are always welcome!

We run two mailing lists to provide information about the stack. General questions about usage etc, should be directed to the snmp mailing list, there is also an snmp-announce mailing list which provides announcements about new releases and other important issues. You may contact the SNMP group directly by sending an email to snmp[at]westhawk.co.uk for issues outside the scope of the mailing lists.

Our article on Simple Times (issue Dec 2001) explains the history and design decisions of the stack.